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for iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad
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What's new in Version 2.0
- Support for iOS 14+
- Improved latency with bluetooth headset
- Fixed a minor bug when [Enhanced NR] mode is active

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     HearingAmp allows you to amplify and filter the sounds in your environment. It uses the microphone in your phone to tune sound in real-time, producing a cleaner, crisper sound through your earphones. You can reduce background noise and amplify different frequency bands, allowing you to tune sound performance to your current surroundings

     A number of preset frequency profiles are provided as templates. Users can create and modify profiles for use in various locations such as airplanes, classrooms, or crowded areas. Enjoy clearer conversations in your daily activities.

     HearingAmp selectively enhances different frequency bands using its state of the art signal processing engine. It provides effective noise reduction and voice amplification in any environment.

     If you use a Bluetooth headset for iOS devices, the headset quality will affect the performance of HearingAmp. We recommend using a high-quality Bluetooth headset.

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